DIY 5D Diamond Painting Animal Wolf

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Product description
Welcome to our store, we are a seller of diamond paintings. The product introduction is as follows:
Uses:  decorate home/give gifts/pastime.
Material:  Resin Drill.
Shape:  round /square diamond.
Tools:  drill box, drill pen, clay, diamond, canvas.
Note:  The products in this store do not provide picture frames.
1. Open the box and take out accessories, tools, canvas and color number diamonds.
2. Put the diamond painting flat on the table.
3. Pour the diamonds to be used into the small box sent by the seller.
4. Take out the drill pen, gently press the tip of the pen against the diamond, and absorb it.
5. Press the drills attached to the pen head on the canvas according to the number.
Precautions:  It is recommended to start from one corner and paste the drill bit by bit. Do not tear off all the attached film at one time. If you can't finish it at one time, remember to re-attach the upper layer of film to prevent dust from reducing the adhesive force and affecting the later fit. After pasting, press it hard, and then mount a photo frame, it can be well decorated.
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