Wolf Bracelet Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet

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Name:Never Fade Rock Viking Wolf Bracelet Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Chain Can Open Wolf Mouth Punk Bracelets Biker Jewelry
Length of bracelet:have 19cm,21cm,23cm
Color:Photo show silver color
Packing:Products + Black Jewelry Bag + Wooden Box
Style:Viking wolf head style bracelet,Russian Bear Style Bracelet,Liberty Eagle Style Bracelet
Note:This is Bracelet is making by 316L Stainless Steel Never Fade,never worry about water

Note(about bracelet size)

When you buy bracelet ,must check your want size,and when you buy must buy less bigger,this is very very improtant,because we say 19cm,21cm,23cm all will less smaller about 0.5cm,and if you buy less bigger,you all time can used ,but less smaller,it will can not used,please make sure it then buy it,

Viking Wolf Head Style Bracelet

Russian Bear Style Bracelet

"This rugged steel dual chain bracelet features a knotwork bear’s head clasp. In Norse myth, bears are symbols of divine power. During visits to the human world, Odin as well as Thor often take on the appearance of bear as disguise. Therefore, bears tend to be looked upon as the forefathers of man in ancient times. Bears symbolize wisdom, strength and healing that bring balance to seen and the unseen world. While the male bears usually represent masculinity, the female ones serve as symbols of femininity. Historical sources point to a thriving bear cult attested by the many berserker (Old Norse: “berserkr”) poems in Snorri’s Icelandic literature.The Viking Age clans and rulers who lived in Gotaland (today Sweden) also wrote of champions and berserkers in their “Law of the Western Goths”, which is the oldest historical document in Sweden dating from 1250 CE, although it is written in Latin and not Old Norse. The Gothic law book, known as Västgötalagen, describes legal matters concerning man-to-man duels known holmgång (Old Norse: “hólmganga”), a form of justice to settle disputes, where combatants were allowed to let a berserker or “champion” fight in their place.The Norse, much like the Sámi, considered bears sacred animals with powerful spirits. Thus, a polar bear was an impressive and potent Yuletide gift to Viking kings and chieftains in pre-Christian Scandinavia and Finland. For consistency, I will use the “Thule” when referring to the geographical area of ancient Fenno-Scandinavia. Thule is a Graeco-Roman term handed down to us from Pytheas, a remarkable Greek mariner from antiquity. Pytheas set out on an exploration voyage in the early 400s BCE, sailing from the Greek colony of Massalia (Marseilles in France) to discover Thule.. Live the Legend!"

Liberty Eagle Style Bracelet

Bear' Paw Style Bracelet


Packing Box

Making By really wooden,when you buy this products,you will received goods,black jewelry bag and wooden box,crazy good as gift,hope you will take them



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